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Commitment to Fitness Even While Traveling

By Roserighter @roserighter
Commitment to Fitness Even While Traveling   by Mike Manning
 Taking a vacation or a business trip can provide enough temptation for people to let go of their fitness habits. They may want to revel in treats and fare from the location to which they travel. However, while traveling away from home can be an occasion to sample the local flavor, people are advised against abandoning their exercise regimens altogether. People who believe that they cannot exercise while away on vacation or business may be surprised to learn that they could have ample opportunities to keep up their fitness and health. Before they travel, travelers are encouraged to research their exercise options that will be available to them at their hotel or airport. The fact that airports now offer fitness areas perplexes and amazes many people. In fact, airports in Minneapolis and San Francisco, as well as others offer yoga rooms, workout lounges, and nature trails that travelers can use while they await their flights. They do not have to waste time in the bar or in a waiting area, snacking on vending machine treats and drinking sodas. People can get in a quick workout and feel better by the time their flight boards. Before they leave home, travelers are encouraged to research hotels in the city to which they will journey. People who are serious about maintaining their fitness levels can use travel websites to locate hotels that offer exercise rooms, as well as discover what types of equipment can be utilized in these rooms. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to stay at a hotel with a great fitness facility due to this research. I looked through a list of Maui hotels and could see which ones had a great gym that were still within my budget. Aside from working out, however, vacationers and business travelers can compromise their fitness levels by eating the wrong foods while away from home. Going to a new city is often exciting, especially when a person is presented with treats and local fare that is not available at home. While an occasional indulgence is not harmful, eating too many indulgences can undermine a fit person’s weight. Many hotels offer continental breakfast buffets on which fresh fruits can be found. People also are encouraged to drink enough water to suppress their appetites. Water will help people maintain their weights and keep any hunger at bay.   Mike Manning is a guest blogger. Visit his fitness and healthy living blog for more tips:

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