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How GMOs Contribute to Weight Gain

By Roserighter @roserighter
How GMOs Contribute to Weight Gain 
As the obesity rates continue to rise, one has to question why people continue to gain weight, despite the information available for better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. One study points the finger towards genetically modified organisms (GMOs.)
Modified foods have quickly become the norm. In an effort to make foods resistant to pesticides and give them a longer shelf life, they have been modified and chemically engineered. Little research has been done on GMOs at this point and two studies that were done were later withdrawn. The FDA states that there are no known side effects to consuming GMOs, but health advocates and GMO-free organizations insist that there are side effect from consuming these foods and they should be avoided at all costs.
According to the results of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, the reason why people are gaining weight may now be attributed to GMOs. With fewer nutrients that their organic counterparts, and chemicals and additives which have unknown side effects, they certainly can't help people lose weight.
The 90-day rat study found that rodents given GMO corn progressively ate ore and grew fatter. They gained more weight than the rats who were fed a GMO-free diet. A similar experiment was conducted on salmon and the results were the same. The salmon who were fed GMOs gained weight faster, consumed more food overall and had difficulty digesting protein.
How does this relate to people gaining weight? The same principle applies. Eating GMOs causes a change in metabolism that causes people to eat more and put on more weight. What makes it harder is that nearly all processed foods contain these modified foods. Many products contain modified grains, high fructose corn syrup and milk treated with antibiotics. Even fruits and vegetables that one might assume are healthier alternatives are treated with harmful pesticides.
The research points to the idea that organically grown produce and GMO-free products are the only healthy alternatives. People have found that by eliminating GMOs from their diet, they are able to lose weight and regain their health. Though GMO labels are needed and the genetically modified foods have not been banned in the U.S., they have been banned in other countries and they can contribute to weight gain, among other health problems.
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