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Color Word Recognition Songs

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Songs are an awesome teaching tool. It’s fun for kids and it makes whatever information they are trying to remember stick in their head a lot better. Sanura can sing all the United States in alphabetical order thanks to a song at school. Nevaeh is only on day 17 of kindergarten and she can spell almost all of her colors already. When I was researching free resources for teaching kindergarten to her I turned to some educational videos on youtube. You have to heavily monitor youtube because there is a lot of inappropriate things on there but these songs are awesome. They are easy for parents to remember because they’re to common tunes you probably learned as a child.

We started with red because I figured it would be the easiest for her to remember because it was so short plus we printed out Dolche flash cards and red, blue, and yellow were on her pre-primer list of Dolche cards< I even heard Lincoln singing the red song today!:

Then we started on blue:

Pink is always a favorite for Nevaeh:

This is what we started with and we’ve continued to move forward with the other colors. I’ve let her pick so it’s more fun for her.

You’ll also frequently hear this song in our house:

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