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Cochin Tourist Attractions

By Vishnudas
Cochin Tourist Attractions Cochin is the former name of Kochi and is a port city located
in the state of Kerala. As this city has been a port city for centuries it has been the hub of trade especially for spices. Historic records show that this particular port town of Kerala was a famed one and many travelers as well as merchants traveled to it just to trade. 

At the present day the city known not only as a center for trade and commerce but also has gained fame in the field of tourism. There are many things that make up the tourist attractions in Cochin and all of them are unique in their own ways. 

Some of the best known Cochin tourist attractions that are frequented by travelers are:-

Santa Cruz Basilica

This is one of the oldest churches of India and is a grand figure that symbolizes the strong base of Christianity in the state. The gothic style in which the church is built is sure to dazzle your senses. The Santa Cruz Basilica was given the stature of a cathedral by Pope Paul IV in the year of 1558. This cathedral was first built by the Portuguese but was then later dismantled by the British who were the colonial rulers of India and again reconstructed.

 The cathedral is visited by many tourists who either come to seek blessings from the church or simply to marvel at the architecture. This church is also one of the eight Basilicas in India. The beauty and grandeur exhibited by this cathedral is a great one. One must visit this place when in Cochin. 

The Hill Palace of Tripunithura

The Hill palace of Tripunithura was built during 1865 and is a grand place to visit. The Hill Palace comprises a total of 49 buildings and is spread over a large area of 54 acres. The architecture that is displayed by the 49 buildings is a traditional one and contains a heritage museum and an archeological museum. 

This palace was built by the Maharaja of Cochin during the year of 1865 and at present is run by the Archeological department. The museum that the palace houses is one of the richest archeological museums of the country and has a grand collection of paintings, murals, manuscripts, sculptures inscriptions etc. that are really well preserved. 

St. Francis Church

This particular church was built during the early 1503 and is the oldest European church of the country. This church is said to have been the resting place of the great explorer Vasco da Gama after he died for the first fourteen years. The architecture of the church is a great work of architecture and is a place to be visited for historical, architectural and religious significance.

Pallipuram fort

This is one of the oldest fort that was built by the Portuguese when they came to India. The fort was built during the year of 1503 and was used as a stronghold during their stay in India. The fort today however has been converted into a heritage museum. With a lagoon on one side and the sea on the other the location of this fort is a great. 

The above mentioned places of interest are just few of the many in Cochin, plenty remain to be explored. When you are in the wonder state of Kerala one should make it a point to visit the port city of Cochin. 

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