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Clean Program - Week 1

By Nadine
I'm on Day 7 of a 21 day cleanse. This is the Clean Program, created by Dr. Alejandro Junger. There is a book version and a kit version of the cleanse. I'm doing something in between since I didn't have the book. I modified the kit version so that I wouldn't have to buy the kit (super expensive, especially for Canadians).
There are people that are pro-cleanse and some that are not. For me, it depends on the type of cleanse. My main goals in doing the cleanse was to give my body a break from the toxic food I had been ingesting (fast food, sugar, caffeine, etc) and to use the re-introduction process at the end to gauge my sensitivity to various foods.
I have a shake for breakfast and for supper. For lunch I have a meal out of allowed foods. One of the main characteristics of this cleanse is eliminating all foods that are known to cause food allergies or sensitivities. It is not calorie restricted and you still take in enough calories to meet metabolic needs. In addition, supplements are taken to help support the detoxification process.
While I'm on Day 7 of the cleanse, I also did 6 days before of the Elimination Diet, removing all of the foods that would be taken out during the cleanse to help ease my body into the cleanse a bit more.
My body definitely doesn't miss the food I used to eat. My taste buds miss it a little. My creativity really misses some of my standard foods. I can't have tomatoes on the cleanse but they are a huge part of my cooking repertoire, so I'll be happy to try and add them back in when the cleanse is over.
I am enjoying the cleanse. I feel like my taste buds have been rewired away from sweet a bit (since fruit is my only sugar now). My body is definitely loving the food. I am also finding it nice to not have to cook a meal at night. I'm excited to see how the last 2 weeks of the cleanse go.

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