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Christmas Lights and a Little Miracle

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

Christmas Lights

Living in the Baltimore/Washington area I am very familiar with Baltimore’s own Miracle on 34th Street. It is a magical Christmas tradition that has been around for 65 years! I have made the trek into Baltimore a few times (usually for my birthday because I love this aspect of Baltimore so much and want to spend my birthday looking at all the Christmas Lights) and every time it has been a beautiful and inspiring moment.

34th street is covered from head to toe, inside and out with Christmas Lights. The families on 34th street embrace the Christmas spirit and Baltimore Pride in such a unique and fun way. There are traditional displays but the ones that really capture the heart of Baltimore are those traditions that are unique to this little-big city. There is the hubcap tree, the Natty Boh sign, the Utz Potato Chip Girl, and the big red Steamed Crab. All of these are what make Baltimore, Baltimore.

The families that live on 34th street even open their homes during Miracle on 34th Street and allow visitors to come in and view their Christmas displays. The Christmas lights are amazing, festive and a bit breath taking. 34th street is a short block, but it is jam packed with pedestrians and cars alike. I have never walked 34th street because parking is at a premium in the area, but I highly recommend stopping by. It is a really rare experience that is unique to Baltimore.

My own family loves to go on Christmas Light Hunts in our own neighborhood and surrounding areas. We have a few people that are a bit more local that also love to showcase their Christmas Spirit with large Christmas light displays. One goes so far as to have Christmas music piped to your car radio. To me there isn’t much better family fun than to bundle up the kids, grab some thermos bottles full of hot chocolate and hunt down a lot of magical Christmas decorations. This is what I dreamed about when I envisioned having a family. The laughter and joy that simple decorations can produce linger in a child’s memory and shape their hindsight of growing up and family time together.

Let the merriment begin! Only 36 days left until Christmas!

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