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Christmas at LUSH

By Lisagray @juicysatsuma
Every year at Christmas time LUSH produce a range of limited edition Christmas products. I've tried most of this years Christmas range but the products below are my absolute favourites.
Christmas at LUSH
Snow Fairy Shower Gel RRP £3.50 (100g), £6.25 (250g), £10.25 (500g)
I’m not a pink, glittery girly girl by any means but Snow Fairy is a legendary LUSH product which they sell at Christmas time every year, and as a cruelty-free beauty blogger I felt obliged to give it a go. Oh...sweet...Jesus...
Snow Fairy smells so sweet it’ll make your teeth rot, it’s wonderful! It smells like candy floss and pear drops and fruity things. I’m in love with Snow Fairy and I don’t know how I’m going to cope once it disappears in January.

Ponche Shower Gel RRP £4.25 (100g), £8.50 (250g), £14.95 (500g)
The Ponche shower gel is inspired by a traditional Christmas punch from Mexico. It smells fruity and tropical due to the infusion of orange, plum, cinnamon and tequila, yum, yum, yum.
Ponche is lively and refreshing, with the cinnamon kick meaning it still manages to feel Christmassy.

Twilight Shower Gel RRP £4.25 (100g), £8.50 (250g), £14.95 (500g)
Twilight is a beautiful blue-purple color and it smells of lavender and vanilla. It is super relaxing and calming making it ideal if you’re a night time shower person, which I am. I have to shower at night because I stink something awful after 8 hours working in an animal shelter! Twilight helps me to unwind and switch off after a hard shift.

I've heard a rumor that Twilight might be sticking around after Christmas. Shhhh, I didn't tell you that though!
Christmas at LUSHPopcorn Lip Scrub RRP £5.25Please purchase this. Please. Baby Jesus would want you to celebrate his birthday with this lip scrub! I mean look at it? Your mouths watering right?
I didn’t intend to buy this specific lip scrub when I was in the LUSH store. The idea of popcorn lip scrub didn’t really appeal to me but I gave it a sniff anyway, and I died. It smells like salty caramel and with ingredients like coconut, sugar, sea salt and polenta you can lick it off after you’ve used it!
The best part though, is that this lip scrub actually works! It’s the best I’ve ever used . It’s abrasive yet gentle enough for chapped, sore lips leaving them soft, plump and moist.
Has anyone else checked out any of LUSH’s Christmas products?
Lisa x

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