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By Vishnudas
Christmas For most Christians around the world, Christmas is the most important and also the most joyous occasion that is celebrated.

 Christianity is the faith that is followed around the world by many people and is an institution that now has many denominations. What was originally Catholicism is now Catholicism and Protestantism.

Protestantism has many denominations under it. Yet, this is one of the celebrations that is unanimously enjoyed by all people of Christian faith. The occasion has so much profundity and expanse that it has touched the hearts and the lives of people that are of other faiths as well. 

Some people are of the opinion, however, that it people are so caught up with the commercial aspects of the occasion that they forget why Christmas is really celebrated. The commercial aspects include the gifting of presents, the new clothes and the rites and rituals that are performed during this time of year.

Christmas celebrates the birth of the messiah of Christianity who is known as Jesus Christ. It is believed that he was chosen by God himself to come to earth and salvage the people who had given in to a hedonistic and sinful life. Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of Joseph and Mary. And it is also believed that Jesus was born to a Mary that was virgin. Christianity and the Bible, as such, are therefore replete with miracles. 

People who have faith pin their hopes on a savior will come again to save a world that is wretched and sinful. This festival therefore serves as a reminder to the people of the world that this savior is on his way and that there is reason for hope and faith. Some of the important tenets of Christianity are mercy, pity, peace and love. Forgiveness is, in fact one of the biggest principles that Christianity is based on. Also,

 the Bible has several passages on love and as a matter of fact they are used on many occasions for weddings and anniversaries. Pity is talked about in terms of charity and one of the biggest expectations of Christians that are well to do in life is that they must help those that are in need of help of some kind. In addition to all of this, Christianity expects people to be peaceable people that believe in non violence.

Christmas, in a sense, is a reminder of all of these principles that people might have forgotten during the course of the year. 

More than anything else, this is a time during the year when people turn inward, when they introspect and look at how they can live a better life the following year. Because it falls of the 25th of December which is pretty close to the end of the year, people look at it as a time of renewal and rejuvenation.

 People try to looks at the things that they have done wrong and ask for forgiveness from God and also from the people that they have wronged. This is how Christmas is a special time during the year.

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