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Chillin' Before My Workout

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
Current state of affairs on my abs.
Chillin' before my workout
Current state of affairs on our country.
Chillin' before my workoutAlthough, seeing what this woman eats
every day did look mighty delicious!
Nom nom nom nom mmmmmm carbtastic!
I don't reacted with the "ew gross!"
like the studio audience feigned.
I think mmmmm GIMME SUMMA DAT!
When I read the Facebook pages of the online program that I have my online trainer through, everyone pretends to hate junk food, and that they always love to work out. Frankly, I'm not buyin' any of it. There many reasons that I don't feel like I "fit in" with the type of girls who compete, but I'm not going to change. I don't drink the Kool-Aid and I'm just going to be myself. I've never fit in really anywhere, so this isn't anything new.

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