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By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I usually buy smaller packs of cheese because the boys around here have the bad habit of sneaking in the fridge and getting cheese when I’m not looking. I got a pack of cheese a day last week and I had made the kids ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch and was planning to use the remainder of the cheese for cheeseburgers that night for dinner.

I put the cheeseburgers on the grill and was preparing buns and stuff for our dinner. When I went to get the cheese out of the fridge I could not find it, it was gone.

I was not having a good day as it was. I am under a huge amount of stress and pressure right now and it shows. I was getting increasingly irritated, searching everywhere for the cheese. I was whining about it and on the verge of tears (yes I know, ridiculous but women do funny things when they’re stressed)Adrian was standing in the kitchen watching me with a smirk.

I asked him:

“Adrian, did you eat all the cheese?”

and he looked me square in the eye and said:

“Cry about it!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

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