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Charlotte Ord - an Inspiration

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Charlotte Ord - an inspirationOver the years I have had a few role models, especially when I played cricket for Essex CCC, but now I'm in the fitness industry working as a nutritionist, I have a few more role models, one being Charlotte Ord.
Charlotte is one of the trainers on 'The Biggest Loser' UK. But she has done much more than that, and to be honest, she's a heck of a woman! Starting out by being pretty good at sport representing her county and then playing lacrosse for her country. After leaving university with an honours degree in psychology and sociology, she then combined that with her sporting background and headed for the fitness industry. I have heard her say that she has had a little bit of luck, especially with landing her first job in the fitness industry - a managerial role in a large corporate gym, but come on....everyone gets luck one way or another! I have followed Charlotte for a while now, via Facebook, Twitter, her blog and on TV, and one thing keeps smacking me in the face....
I recently done a post on personal trainers being 'understanding', and every time I have seen Charlotte on TV, whether its training people on The Biggest Loser, or an interview, she always comes across as someone who really understands the addiction that people have with food. Many people think of it as 'ah they just love to eat food', but Charlotte is excellent at getting to the root cause, and doing it in a way that isn't harsh, rude, or even condescending. I have seen her kick people's asses in the gym, as well as connect with them in a, well, a loving way actually! You can really see she cares about those she trains, and I think that is just incredible. Some people think of personal trainers as beefed up, arrogant people, and Charlotte is a perfect example of an amazing trainer.
I currently work as a nutritionist, but I plan on being a personal trainer in the future, and its people like Charlotte that has inspired me, and motivates me to do better, to learn, to develop, and to do the best job I can do. Thank you Charlotte!
You can follow her here (If you're crazy enough that you haven't already!)

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