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Change Your Mindset to Reduce Overwhelm and Feel Happier

By Rebecca_sands @Rebecca_Sands

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I know it can sound patronising when you hear that you can change your mindset to change how you feel – yet in reality, a simple shift in perception is one very simple yet effective way we can all reduce feelings of stress and increase feelings of wellbeing.

This is something that I have to continually remind myself of. Usually, by mid-week I’m feeling the effects of having a back-to-back schedule and a solid regime of post-work pursuits. Yet when I remind myself of the simple fact that it’s me stressing me out, and combine it with the awareness that I am doing exactly what I choose to do in the present time, I can ease myself out of any feelings of overwhelm and back into peace.

After all, no one is holding a gun to my head and suggesting that I should have a busy schedule. Instead, I choose it in the way that work can be chosen, kids can be chosen, travel and sports can be chosen, or a combination of these can be selected. Some choices are harder than others – like choosing working more hours over having more time – and sometimes these choices are a means to an end for ultimately more freedom in life. Regardless, wherever we’re at we should always own it and make the most of it.

Here’s how to change your mindset to reduce overwhelm, and feel happier

  1. Acknowledge when you are feeling overwhelmed
    I find overwhelm usually manifests covertly in feelings of annoyance over small, seemingly insignificant things – like when someone pulls in front of you in traffic, you miss the bus or you’re late for an appointment and it feels as though the world’s end is nigh. Accept that this is how you feel, and just let it sit still within you. Explore in a casually detached way the reasoning behind why you are so frustrated – usually we already know these reasons within.
  2. Accept and embrace your choices
    Acknowledge that you are living the life that you choose to live, and own your choices! By owning our choices, we take control over our own lives and we prevent ourselves from becoming victims. Being perceived by oneself as a helpless, struggling victim is not fun for anyone. Instead, take back your power and even if you’re not happy with where you’re at now, decide that you will make different choices in future but always accept and embrace where you’re at now.
  3. Decide that you are not overwhelmed
    Language often amplifies our feelings. If we keep telling ourselves we feel “overwhelmed” it seems to keep getting worse, right? What would happen if you said to yourself that you are just really, really eager to get something done? (Or a series of somethings). Change the language you’re using to describe your experience – lighten it up a little.
  4. Promise yourself that you will put yourself first – always
    Pledge to yourself that you will always put yourself first and give yourself what you need in life. When you need a break, you will find time to do something for yourself. Promise yourself this so that you know never to doubt yourself when it comes to protecting your wellbeing and placing importance on your time. 
  5. Be grateful for everything you have in your life
    Gratitude is the foundation for building more in your life. If you disregard what you already have, the world usually finds a way of preventing you from having anything further! Write a one-sentence gratitude journal daily to reinforce this.

When have you ever felt like you’ve suddenly snapped out of feeling overwhelmed? 

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