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Change is Good

By Nadine
Today's post was inspired by this post from Everything Yoga. It is good to change things up, question the routines. What am I questioning these days:
What is the best way for me to eat? That's a huge, rather dominating question in my life. But with a history of digestive problems competing with a love of rich food, it's something I continue to work on.
What are the important things I want to fit into my life? That was the idea behind my Big Rocks exercise last month.
And the big one that's coming up right now: What is important to me in teaching? I will be reducing my teaching hours in the next couple of months. I want to ensure that I still carry forward the messages I want to carry. With less time to do that, I want to spend some time thinking about exactly what those messages are, how I reach the most students and how I serve my current students with the changes happening.

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