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Caring For Your Nails With Argan Oil

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
It's interesting how much time and effort we put into maintaining beautiful nails. For such a small part of our physical appearance, we spend a lot of effort thinking about how they look. Whether it be clipping and filing them once a week, or spending hundreds of dollars a year to spruce them up with nail polish and French manicures, one thing is certain - we like our nails to look good. Luckily for us there's a miracle oil available to help keep our nails shiny and youthful for years to come: argan oil. By utilizing oil nail care once a week, you allow yourself to expend more time and energy on other facets of your physical appearance, like your hair, hands, and face.

Caring For Your Nails With Argan Oil


What is Argan Oil?
Argan oil is a wonder-substance native to Morocco. Berber women there form cooperatives to extract the oil from nuts found in argan fruit, which fall from Argania spinosa trees. Often touted as an anti-aging solution, this oil is teeming with benefits. From skincare to hair care and everything in between, this oil is rich with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. If you were previously unfamiliar with oil, make sure that when you purchase some for yourself that you receive 100% pure oil straight from the Berbers of Morocco. The best oil is undiluted by other chemical products, and by purchasing your sample from those who make it best you also help stimulate their culture and economy.
The Benefits of Argan Oil Nail Care
The argan oil nail benefits are plentiful. Apply a small amount to brittle or damaged nails to help revitalize their shine. And if the skin around your cuticles is dry and flaky, few things work better restoring them to their youthful form than this oil. All it takes is 10 or 15 minutes a week to get your nails looking their best again.
Consider these tips when applying argan oil to your nails and cuticles... • You can choose to mix argan oil with moisturizer, lime juice, or other beauty products. Doing so helps extend the life of your oil, and also adds to the benefits provided by hand cream and other natural substances.
• You may also apply a small amount of oil to each individual nail and spend some time gently massaging it in for guaranteed results. Make sure that when you do, you spend equal amounts of time on each nail to ensure they shine together.
• Another option is to fill a bowl with argan oil and simply set your nails into the product for at least ten minutes. Doing this once a week will result in a noticeable difference in no time at all.
• Afterwards, feel free rub any excess solution into your hands, legs, and face to help hydrate your skin and maintain your youthful glow - you may even choose to apply this oil to your hair. There are no risks involved, and you'll benefit from not allowing any of this precious material to go to waste.
Additional Information on Argan Oil 
What do people mean when they refer to argan oil as a miraculous wonder-substance? The answer is simple: this oil has benefits that go beyond beauty products. Sure, it's most marketable use is for hair, nails, and skin care, but native Moroccans use this substance for food, fuel, and to feed livestock. Because the process of extracting oil is so laborious, Berber women make sure to utilize as much of it as they can in everyday life. An interesting fact about oil is that even modern methods of extracting it have not proven to be nearly as effective as the age-old process used by Berber cooperatives. The process has been improved upon as oil has increased in popularity, but the still remains antiquated by modern standards.

What Does This Mean For Me, the Consumer? 
It means that when you get your hands on this wonderful material, you'll want to utilize it the best way you can. It's no wonder that this oil is used in so many hair and nail salons across the country, and this precious commodity is worth making use of to its fullest. As mentioned above, any time you have extra material from argan oil nail care you'll want to apply it generously to your face, hands, hair, and legs to make sure that none of it goes to waste. If it seems like we're making a big deal out of this substance, that's because it's widely considered to be a modern-day fountain of youth. The hype is real, and the argan oil nail benefits are numerous. And don't forget: when buying some for yourself, make sure to go the extra mile and ensure it's 100% argan oil - no imitators, and no added chemicals.By 
Ashley Gold

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