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Calling All Guest Bloggers!

By Hblack79

Yay for Friday’s!!


Not to be completely negative today, but we all have our failures and let me tell you – I had a big one yesterday!  Actually, not yesterday… more like the past 6 months!

Remember how I’ve been griping and complaining about my comments not working.  Basically, you lovely people would comment, but the only way I had to respond was on the blog site because I never received an e-mail with the comment so I could reply directly back to you!  It was frustrating and my dad could not figure out what the issue was.

The problem has been solved, folks!  And let me just say that I feel like an absolute idiot! haha All of your beautiful comments were going to my spam folder.  Now that I know that, my dad has fixed the issue where I’ll get to see each one of your comments pop into my inbox and I’ll be able to respond to you directly – you have a question?  It’ll get answered!  you have a suggestion? I’ll take it into consideration and let you know so!  I’m so excited to finally have this fixed and I can’t wait to get to know each of you better through the discussions we have via comments!  So comment away, my friends!

OKAY… so I’m heading off to Jamaica in TWO WEEKS!  I can’t wait to soak up the sun, enjoy a mojito on the beach, & go scuba diving for the first time!  Of course, I have many other activities planned – one of which is eating.  And eating a lot.  I also plan to do yoga on the beach (yay!) and try my hand at paddle boarding (what a workout that should be!)  One thing I do not want to neglect while I’m gone though is this here blog!

I’m looking for some guest bloggers to take over for the week.  I can tell you right now that I’m already excited about what I have coming your way, but I have 3 more slots to fill – so comment below or send me an e-mail at [email protected] to guest post.  My only request is that you not post a meat inspired recipe.  I’d like to have guest posts submitted by Wednesday, February 25th since I fly out Friday, February 27th!

Let me know if you’re interested!

Now y’all go enjoy your beautiful weekend ahead and show some extra love to those around you this Valentine’s Day!

  • What are your Valentine’s plans?
  • What fail or mistake have you had recently that made you feel so dumb?  We all have them, I know!
  • Who wants to guest post for me!!!??? Can’t wait to see what everyone shares throughout the week!

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