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Bread Woes

By Svprili @svprili
bread woes
BREAD.....you have officially been kneaded, risen, punched down, risen, punched down, risen and baked. I punched the guts out of you and yet I'm the one who has been knocked out. Even with a hefty amount of nutella spead on you my girls won't touch you.
Try and try again, that's my motto.
I'm using the boat galley cookbook so the recipes are tried and tested. Teacher at daycare told me not too knead too much or the bread will become tough but I followed a youtube video that said you have to knead a lot and you can't over knead my hand. Hmmm sooo confusing. My bread came out very dense in the center. I'll try kneading more next time.
We have a 4 day weekend due to Mardi Gras so that's pretty much a loaf every day, we'll have bread coming out every orifice!
If anyone has any recommendations on the bread from scratch thing, please let me know. FYI I could never master my bread machine either. I'm doomed. What's vegemite without the bread????

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