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Bobbi Brown - Rich Lip Color SPF12

By Mle_vnc @Backlist_Books
Bobbi Brown - Rich Lip Color SPF12L-R: Old Hollywood, Rose Blossom, Crimson, Mod Pink, Cosmic Raspberry 
If you're an avid YouTuber and makeup fanatic (and let's face it, if you're reading this, you probably are), you may have come across Bobbi Brown's video introducing her Rich Lip Color SPF 12 lipsticks:

They look beautiful, don't they? I discovered them when I read Temptalia's review and saw this picture:
Bobbi Brown - Rich Lip Color SPF12 Cosmic Raspberry (photo by Temptalia)You all know how obsessed I am with pink lipstick, so of course I NEEDED this IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. The real drag? They don't sell them in Canada. You heard me, as beautiful as they are, you can't get them here. So if you want to try these out, you're going to have to get creative. Find a friend who is going to the States or an online site that will ship to Canada (which I still haven't managed to do).
But however you manage it, get your eager little hands on a couple of these. As you can see, I snagged a few, and while not all of them have become favourites, I do find myself reaching for Cosmic Raspberry frequently when I'm looking for a bright pop of color. Mod pink is a little too peachy for me, but rose blossom is great if you want a neutral pink look. Old Hollywood is exactly the (quint)essential, glamorous red that you'd want it to be. It looks beautiful with a dramatic, dark eyeliner.
And finally, we have Crimson. This is a very dark burgundy shade - that quite frankly scared me a bit when I first opened it. However, Bobbi's right - you can build it to make it more subtle or super dramatic. Here's a cool video I found yesterday that might help you figure out how if you're having trouble:

The final word? I really like these. They're nearly-matte, but they're not drying. I find them easy to apply and work with, and they don't need constant upkeep (though bear in mind that the more intense or dark a colour, the more often you'll need to touch up!). If you get a chance to pick some up, I'd definitely recommend it. I'll update this pots if I hear anything about them becoming available in Canada - which I very much hope they will!
Packaging: 5/5 
Product quality: 5/5
Worth the price? Perhaps. These are a bit pricey. If you have the cash, they're worth it. If you're on a drugstore budget, these might not be worth the scrimping and saving!
Would I purchase again? Yes. In fact, I must admit to having a backup of Cosmic Raspberry!

Cruelty-Free? Still looking into it.Where to find it: Bobbi Brown stores and online. Nordstrom's in store and online.(Note: Canadian Bobbi Brown retailers do not carry this product at this time, and neither online site will ship to Canada.)

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