I'm just a regular(ish) gal who loves reading, street art, tattoos, good music and a stiff drink.

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  • Backlist Books

    I have loved books for as long as I can remember. In fact, if you visit my mother's house, you'll see a picture of me on the wall, aged 3, hugging a book tightly with a blissful expression on my face. Not much has changed.

    If you visit my own house now, you will leave with the general impression of your average apartment... hidden somewhere under a huge mountain of books. This, to me, is home.

    For awhile I was lucky enough to review books for Press+1, an online arts and entertainment website. It was fantastic - not only because it was a great opportunity to work with a wonderful, smart and talented group of people, but because I got FREE BOOKS! When you're a student and a bibliophile, this is the dream.

    After awhile, however, I started wishing I could share some of my favourites that weren't brand new, as well as the new favourites I discovered while writing for the site. So I decided to embark on a new book project - my very own book blog where I could share reviews of some oldies as well as the new releases, talk about books, share inspiring links and photos and just generally indulge my bibliophilia!

    Welcome to my bookish world!

  • m·pir·i·cal

    My life in words and pictures: A guided experiment. These are the results.

    Fair warning: I love sarcasm, dirty humour, controversial topics, swear words and talking about sex. If any of this offends you, you should probably stick around just to challenge yourself. It's good for you. Like vegetables.

  • The Beautiful Addiction

    I love makeup. I love the artistic possibility, how it can transform people into a more beautiful version of themselves - or into a monster. I love how the only limit on what you can do with it is your own imagination. I love how a great eyeliner or a bright lipstick can make you feel different about yourself, and about the world. I'm not a professional makeup artist, just a fellow enthusiast who has a great time sharing info, tips and reviews. I hope you enjoy!