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Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
I make no secret that I need to lose some weight (probably quite a bit of weight really), so when I spotted that Katie over at The Bristol Beauty Blog was running a Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge, I felt that I really had to join in :D
The Challenge: Lose 7lbs by 23rd December 2011.
Ultimately, I need to be losing a great deal more than that, but as Katie says, it's best to start small and be sensible than throw myself head first into some unhealthy crazy quick-fix kinda diet.
Other Bloggers taking part are:
Katie, the Bristol Beauty Blog - Week 1: Lost 1 lb
Rachelle, Behind the Shoes
Ray, Who is She???
Mrs Ari
Missy Ellie, Ellie's Beauty Blog 
Hannah, Betwixt Beauty
Lucy, Beauty and the Blogger
Kat, Kat's Beauty Reviews Week 1: Lost 1lb
Elle, Beauty Abroad Week 1: Lost 2lb already!

Good luck to everyone else taking part, and if anyone else is interested, then you can get in touch with Katie over on her blog :)

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