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Blistex Revive and Restore~new Favorite Lip Product~

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
LOVE this product. I happened upon this product by accident. I left my lip balm at home in a mad dash to get to an 8:00am lab on time.  So during my break, I went to the store and thought this product seemed interesting. I did not have high hopes for it, but I was instantly impressed when I applied it. It comes with two jars that lock together but also come apart. The gray jar, "Restore" has vitamin E and instantly makes my lips feel better. The white jar, "Revive", has SPF 15, has a nice minty smell and also makes my lips feel very soft and smooth. It contains shea butter. A few days ago, my lips were rather irritated and dry, and this product did help a good deal. It didn't make the eczema go away, but it did give me a great deal of relief until my topical cream kicked in and I calmed down a little(my eczema tends to be stress induced). This product was less than $2.00 and is now one of my favorite lip products.

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