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Black Women: It’s Time to Step Into Your Power

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

“You don’t have to be perfect to be influential or to make a difference in the world.  All you have to be willing to do is share your stories of healing and empowerment.” – Pamela Brown

All my life I have been encouraged to take on leadership positions in school, church, and in sports.  Because of my high performance and popularity amongst parents, coaches, and teachers, I was considered a leader by example.  However, I was really reluctant to be placed in that position of leadership.  Why?

Because all my life, I had been told that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t loud enough, wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t talented enough, and unworthy of love.  I was so uncomfortable in my skin; I didn’t feel safe enough to be myself anywhere else but home.  I hated my body; I felt like such a boy.  I had no friends and felt so alone and unsupported.

I bought into these disempowering stories.

All of these stories made me feel so inadequate for any kind of leadership.  I felt like no one would listen to me or follow me.  I was so afraid of rejection (and still struggle with this at times).  I faced so many experiences, even in my own home, that made me feel like a bad person.

Eventually, I had to face all this pain (primarily because it affected my health and happiness), and learn how to heal from emotional trauma.  And one thing I learned is that because of my pain, I had tons of energy I could use for significant things.  You see…

The more pain and challenges you face and effectively process, the more energy you have to achieve greatness.

I decided to use my pain and challenges as energy, drive, and determination needed to achieve success, and to help others succeed.  I had to learn that there was nothing wrong with me.  I wasn’t a bad person; I wasn’t inherently flawed.  I wasn’t damaged goods.  I discovered that I am powerful.

All of my pain is the driving force behind my leadership, impact, and significance I want to achieve in the world.  My pain was meant to help me to grow and evolve into the person I needed to be to fulfill my purpose.  This is why I believe whole-heartedly that…

You are perfect for your purpose!

Because what you learn, you are here to teach.  You are here to inspire, embolden, and motivate others to heal and find confidence to be their best selves.  When you find your pain, you have found your greatness.

I believe, more than ever, that African Americans are meant to be social changemakers.  With all the pain we have faced in our history, and the challenges we still face, I feel that if we learn how to use that pain, we can stand together in the face of racism and be the leaders we are really meant to be.

We are fighters; but are you fighting yourself or fighting for something?

I feel that we can change the global perception of African American women- if we find our voice, use our voice for positive change, and make our mark in the world.  But it starts with us first.  It begins with self-acceptance and being comfortable with being assertive, opinionated, and bold, regardless of what society thinks about us.

It’s time to regain our place in the world as kings and queens, owning our power and enjoying the fruits of our leadership.  Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Until next time,

Pamela Brown

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