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Best Fitness Tips In 2013

By Moamen Enoo
Many young people are Ignores healthy diets and insanity workout calendar , but what if we tell you the best fitness tips in 2013 we think that you are going to change your mind.Insanity Workout Calendar
- Do not wear tight shoes, because it cause calluses skin and nails adenoids, Choose shoes made of natural leather, as it eases the pressure on different parts of the foot.
- Do not drink coffee or any hot drink and let it cool, this may increase the risk of cancer of the mouth or esophagus.
- Walk daily for half an hour or an hour, as this activity reduces the possibility of cancer and helps to get rid of excess weight.
- Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon in your daily cup of coffee, as this contributes to lower cholesterol in the blood and helps the body to use insulin more effectively.
- It is recommended to chew sugarless gum after meals for half an hour in order to alleviate the symptoms of acidity and clean teeth.
- Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables, as they reduce the risk of heart attack by 70%. 
- Replace sugar with honey in your daily drinks.
- Eat apples to combat insomnia and to sleep deeply, as sleeping helps to fight premature aging and make your skin look youthful.
- Replace white bread with brown bread because it contains a high proportion of dietary fibers.
- It is recommended to drink a cup of green tea daily, because it helps to prevent oxidation in the body's cells and reduces the possibility of catching many diseases.
- Eat a lot of natural herbs in between meals, as it helps with digestion and rid the body of toxins and impurities.
- Use your holiday well, and try to make a special program to relax and unwind after the trouble of a full week of strenuous exercise.
- Pay attention to the color of your tongue, as the color of your tongue is an indicator of the health problems: white color indicates to a weakness in the immune system, yellow color indicates to excessive food and drink and red color is an indicator of stress.
- Change and the diversity of your daily routine helps in raising the morale and gets you away from stress and depression.
- Take care of the cleanliness of your clothes, you may not see with the naked eye what your clothes carry of microbes, so; you should change and clean it daily, and expose it to sun to get rid of germs and microbes.
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