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Best Exercises That Make Strong Back Muscles

By Moamen Enoo
Back muscles is the second largest muscle group in the body after the foot muscles, so the chances to prepare it to exercise its function and strengthen it becomes larger through doing some effort in the insanity workout calendar, which are also designed to burn maximum calories.
Insanity Workout Calendar
Bent over:Insanity Workout CalendarA bending exercise using weights which rose by both hands. This exercise is one of the best back exercises to strengthen the build of the upper part of the back.
In this exercise, you can use the back muscles to pull the "barbell" straight up toward the chest with the elbow bend and lift the front of the head with a straighter back and then lower the "barbell" to control it, and then repeat this exercise more than once.
Pull up and chin up:
Insanity Workout CalendarOne of the most important exercises in the measurement of the physical strength of a man compared to the weight of the body, it is possible to lift weights weighing 280 lbs, but nevertheless cannot perform pull up and chin up exercise except 4 times.
And remember that you must make the distance between your hands slightly wider than shoulders or at shoulder width.
Direct lifting:Insanity Workout CalendarIn this exercise you must use the belt, and not to lift the weights up through bending the elbow but to be lifted for centimeters by shaking the shoulder up with the "barbell".
I.e. you will pull the "barbell" from the carrier at the thigh, then push the shoulder up as much as possible without bending the elbow, repeat this exercise several times carefully.
That's it , you should keep insanity workout schedule and health maintenance.
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