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Best Exercises For Build Muscle Fast

By Moamen Enoo
Performing fitness training is a fun, so you must maintain the daily exercises which suit your individual needs through a routine insanity workout calendar.
insanity workout calendar
The human body consists of 7 blocks of muscles, including chest muscles, abdomen muscles, the triceps muscle, the bilateral muscle, the trapezius muscle, back muscles and the deltoid. The bodybuilding exercises contain a classical set which has the greatest effect on these muscles and its growth, here's a group of these exercises.
Do the following exercises for 7 minutes with the maximum possible number of times, then rest for a minute and do it again. This method which fit the non-starters greatly affects the growth of the core muscles.
Insanity Workout Calendar1. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge Exercise
Carry two dumbbells and stand erect torso, then lay one of your legs back and bend it until the knee approch from touching the ground, the front leg's knee should provide a 90 degree angle. Repeat the exercise for a while then replace the position of the two legs, your torso must be steady during the exercise and your hands carrying the weights.Insanity Workout Calendar2. Pull Up And Chin Up Exercise
Hold an iron bar high from the ground; make the distance between your fists as much as the distance between your shoulders. Pull up your body so that you mouth become over the bar, stops a little then return to your first position slowly. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest and shoulders (Repeat it for the maximum possible number).Insanity Workout Calendar3. Deadlift Exercise
Raise the bar so that the distance between the two fists slightly surpassing the distance between the shoulders, the two fists should be opposite to each other. Carry the bar then bend your body slowly until the bar become under your knee, and then come back to your first position.Insanity Workout Calendar4. Push-Ups Exercise
 Push-ups are the best exercises for the chest muscles and can be performed in different ways: there is the normal exercise where you put your hands on the ground then up and down, or you can get a box to put your right hand in it and the left one on the ground or vice versa and do the exercise.
That's It , You Must be maintained insanity workout calendar and health maintenance

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