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Belif Numero 10 Essence

By Beautifulbuns

I really feel sorry for the brand Belif – it’s got really good products, but due to its name being similar with b.liv (whose products caused a girl’s face to break out into Mordor landscape), it doesn’t seem to have as much popularity as it should. What’s more, Belif is a brand that prides itself on its products rather than marketing and star appeal, there are no celebrity ambassadors (and thus the lack of star factor). It is such a waste though – Belif really does have good products.

Belif Numero 10 essenceBelif Numero 10 Essence – $46

Belif Numero 10 essence (1)

Belif Numero 10 essence (2)

Belif Numero 10 essence (3)

Belif Numero 10 essence (4)To see the difference in skin texture, click on the above image to enlarge it – I’ve intentionally saved a higher-resolution version this time :D

I say….

Now I seldom blog about a skincare product very promptly, because I need time to test and see its effects. I received this about 1-2 weeks ago, and the fact that I’m already blogging about it must mean something :D

This is another first care serum / essence, something that you apply directly onto your freshly-cleansed face so that the maximum benefits can be absorbed. It’s something like Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum.

This is the marketing spiel: Moisture in the skin tends to be lost within 10 seconds after washing up.  This unique Essence locks in moisture in the skin by forming a moisture-protective layer upon application, before stepping out of the bathroom! Formulated with the extract of the Rose of Jericho, the moisture level in the skin is increased by 40% within 10 seconds, and the efficacy of the subsequent skincare products is also boosted through this Bathroom Essence.

What’s my spiel?

  • It is soooo easily absorbed.
  • It doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
  • More importantly, after just a couple of weeks of usage (on the left half of my face), I have actually noticed my skin getting brighter and clearer. Woah. -mindblown-
  • My skin also feels firmer, smoother and tighter, with pores perhaps 0.001% smaller.
  • The scent is also rather neutral – it doesn’t annoy me but it’s not an alluring scent either.
  • It comes in a pump-dispenser bottle, which dispenses an appropriate amount for half the face.
  • You can see the difference in my skin (click on the photo above).  woahhhh. me loves.

At $46, it’s a decent price for a good skincare starter product – I’m not a big fan of toners cos I find that it doesn’t do the skin as much good as a serum or essence would :D

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