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Being a Cycling Commuter

By T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Cycling is becoming ever more popular in today’s society. The price of gasoline and maintenance required for an automobile can justify a commute by bike rather than by car. Furthermore, life insurance quotes are based on a variety of points of interest, including overall health, medical history and hobbies that may increase or decrease the price of the policy. It is important to have life and health insurance to protect your family from financial devastation in the event of death. The accessibility of the internet has made online cheap insurance quotes a viable option for fast and affordable policies. Using a bicycle should be seen as a positive for these quotes for a variety of reasons and justify a lower rate.

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Exercise is vital to living a long and quality life. By commuting to work via bicycle, policy holders will, in effect, be demonstrating their dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A commute requires both an initial and return trip. Exercising twice daily yields very positive results in terms of health and increasing life span. Not only that, you will be taking part on helping and saving mother nature through a green travel and smoke free commute.

Some may be concerned with the risk involved of sharing the road with cars. The possibility of getting into a wreck is most certainly present during any commute on a bicycle. However, insurance quotes should not reflect this danger solely on the part of the cyclists. Just like the liability of dog bite rests on the owner of the dog, the responsibility of a wreck is on the driver of the car, not the cyclist. Drivers are taught to yield to both pedestrians and persons on bikes.

To mitigate some of these inherent risks, anyone considering commuting by bicycle should take some precautionary measures. Cyclists should always wear helmets and reflective gear, particularly on roads that are heavily traveled by cars or during the night time. Alternative routes should be taken when possible that are less populated by vehicles or that have better lighting. By taking these steps, the event of a wreck is much less likely to occur.

In conclusion, exercise is necessary for health and commuting by bike offers a convenient and simple way to integrate this activity. While there is some danger involved with riding a bike to work, quotes for policies should be lowered for cyclists who are actively trying to be healthier. Remember to use the internet to find online inexpensive health plans  and include cycling to work as a hobby in which you are proud to take part. Happy cycling!

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