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Beauty Tutorial: How to Do Korean Eye Makeup

By Beautifulbuns

Since I was given the unavoidable task of doing up a beauty tutorial for the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Beauty Blog, I wanted to do something less boring than “Going from Office to Play” for my very first tutorial – totes yawn, doncha think? Instead, I’m gonna show you guys how I usually do the Korean-style eye makeup – that’s right baybeh, bring on the eyeliner!

Before you get started, here’s what you need.


Korean eyes11



Korean eyes1


Starting off with a bare face – yes, go ahead, soak in the horror. I applied only  Laneige’s Pore Control BB Cushion in Shade 13, and note that I also applied it under my eyes.


Korean eyes2
Dab on some concealer – I’m using Shiseido’s Sheer Eye Zone Corrector


Korean eyes3
Now comes the fun part – rather than drawing the eyeliner first, draw the end. Extend it out as much as you like, but use the inner corner of your eye as a gauge. The end of your extension should theoretically form a straight line  (see illustration).


Korean eyes4

You may now commence on drawing the eyeliner proper – from the inner corners, and join the end. If you’ve got inner hidden eyelids or something similar to mine, make sure that the inner corner of the eyes has a thinner eyeline than the outer. It’ll make your eyes look bigger. I’m using Etude House’s Oh M’Eye Line in black.


Korean eyes5

Korean eyes6
Visualize a triangle, make a tiny black at the mid-length of your eye, and then fill it in.

Korean eyes7
Now use a light-pink highlighter / crayon pencil with a pearly sheen (not shimmery!) to highlight the under eye area. I used Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Liner. If any of your black eyeliner isn’t in a straight line, you can also use this crayon pencil to smudge it in. Plus, I’ve also added some glitter -really subtle so I don’t look take away the attention from the eyeliner.


Korean eyes12

Korean eyes8


Take any matte light-coloured eyeshadow and fill in the sockets of your eye. I’ve chosen a light sand shade here from Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight Palette. I then used a dark purple-black shade to go along the eyeliner. You can choose a different variation – light purple with dark purple, light pink with dark purple – whatever rocks your boat!


Korean eyes9
And ta-dah! Here’s what you should have achieved so far. But don’t you think something’s missing?


Korean eyes10

That’s right baybeh – you  need mascara! But before applying it, make sure you curl your lashes using a good curler. Because of the amount of eye  makeup that’s already there, you’ll need your lashes up, up , up in order to be visible. I used Panasonic’s Eyelash Curler and Heroine Make’s Long & Curl Mascara here.

Korean eyes13 finished

And voila, there you have it! [will upload the  total "after" photo after I complete my look with Cheon Song Yi lips!]  I’ll upload the tutorial sometime this afternoon – that’s right, you’ll learn how to do gradient lips! Stay tuned everybardy!!


p.s. Since it’s my very first tutorial, please let me know your comments on this? What’s good, and what can be improved? Thank you! xoxo

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