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Beauty Bloggers Debate~does the Amount of Followers Make You Feel Differently?

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema


It is time for another Beauty Bloggers Debate post.  It is a fun and unique take on a blog hop where bloggers can express their opinions of various topics.  If you are interested in joining and linking up, check out Wonderland Beauty, which has become one of my favorite blogs.
This weeks topic is about the number of followers a blog has and how that makes you feel.  And I have a feeling there are some people that are going to hate my response, but I really do not care since this my honest opinion and it is my blog.  What can I say, I am a rebel of sorts.  I actually enjoy reading blogs that have fewer followers, and by that I mean anywhere from 0-500 (and that is just an approximation).  In my year of blog reading, they actually have better content and content I care more about.  Their blogs seem much more honest and personal to me.  On the other hand, bloggers that have tons of followers come across as the exact opposite.  They seem to post a lot less and do not put in as much effort in what they do post. And don't use being busy as an excuse. I took 16 credit hours, am active in two organizations, have a job as a writer and take care of my family. I still find time to post nearly every day because my blog is like my baby and I am a proud of it.  It is an extension of myself.  They seem to care more about gaining even more followers and fame rather than care for the actual love of blogging.  It is much more of a popularity contest than anything else.  But I suppose that is the case with almost anything.  I do not want to sound hypocritical because my number of followers has grown a fair amount in the last week do to participation in blog hops, but that is not all I post.  I still do product reviews and other kinds of posts.  I do want to gain more followers and become more well known, but that is not why I started blogging.  My blog is my passion and creative outlet for both my love of the beauty world and for writing.  I would do it if I had a million followers or 0 followers.  It seems to me that a lot of blogs with a ton of followers have are just out for the popularity.  And bloggers with fewer followers seem to put more effort into their content.  Another thing I have noticed is that bloggers with more followers have far more knowledge with constructing a website, etc.  While this is a great skill, it should not be an important factor in whether a blog is successful or not. And it does not grab my attention.  Guess I am a content person.  Now, I am in no way saying this is true for all blogs with a ton of followers, or blogs with minimal followers.  I am simply stating what I have observed in most cases.  If you seem to love blogging and post often, I will follow you and enjoy reading your posts.  Ultimately, the number of followers will have no influence of me, but I do tend to be wary of blogs with 1000 or more followers.  Another huge thing that influences me is grammar.  If a blogger cannot form a sentence or spell, I will not give their blog a second thought.  I don't care if they are the most popular blog on the planet.  God, I hope not. If the world comes to that, I will go insane.
Sorry if I got a little winded, lol.  Once I get on a roll, there can be no stopping me.

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