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Beauty and Polyvore (New Idea)

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
Beauty and Polyvore (New idea)Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
I have finally created a Polyvore account, and I have been enjoying it.  Then I had an idea for a new series for my blog.  Since I am not taking any classes this summer, I am dedicating my summer to my family, my writing, my blog (maybe blogs in the near future) and reading.  I am thinking about incorporating a little fashion into this blog since I also love it, and add what beauty products I would use to create a makeup look that corresponds with the outfit.  I like the idea, but need a snappy name for the series.  I am not very good with clever names, so that may take a bit of time, lol.  I have created my first outfit and want to share with you.  This will give a gist of what the posts will be like.  However,  I would like to include photos of an actual makeup look I would wear to match with the outfits.  Please let me know what you guys think of this idea.
This first outfit represents my idea of the perfect outfit to run errands or go to class in.  It is a combo of cute, comfy and edge.  I love the sweater because it is simple, but still stylish.  Darker, straight or skinny jeans are always a favorite of mine and go with almost anything.  I LOVE the ring because it is edgy, but still classy.  I love the design and the tear drop cutout.  The blue bag adds a pop of color and the bracelet corresponds with it by bringing in the shame shade as well as some different shades of blue and green.  Now for the beauty.  I am not really sure why I chose this particular manicure.  It just really speaks to me and seems unique.  For actual makeup,  I would keep my eyes neutral.  In fact, I may just use eyeliner and mascara.  I would want to create a slightly mysterious look with the makeup.  Instead of using a black liner, I would use brown..something like The Body Shop's Carbon Brown Eye Definer, which is brown infused with a little red and I may top it with shadow in a coppery shade.  I like the darker shade from The Body Shop's Baked Shadow Duo in Copper.  My mascara of choice would be Clinique's High Impact Mascara and for the lips, Benefit's Benetint.

Beauty and Polyvore (New idea)

The Body Shop's Baked Shadow Duo in Copper

Beauty and Polyvore (New idea)

Carbon Brown Eye Definer

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