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Beat the Heat 8K - Maui Race

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Beat the Heat 8K - Maui RaceI am racing tomorrow but in all reality, I can't wrap my head around the racing part. And things are up in the air to some extent. Yes, I will be toeing the line but this race has a new course this year AND it is 8K instead of a 10K. From what I saw on Maui Runner's blog, the course looks harder but that is okay. I am not necessarily out to win. My primary goal it to toe a starting line before doing so come September for the Maui Marathon. It has been AGES since I have raced. Okay, slight exaggeration but my last race was the Valley to the Sea Half Marathon in March of this year. I had hoped to run the Jacaranda 10K in May and place better but the race was cancelled. I was really disappointed after not being able to run the Run for the Whales Half Marathon either this year. I toyed with the idea of running a race in Texas but there was only a 5K and it ended up, on that day it would have been my last day with some extended family so they came first. My race calender this year is pretty much non-existent and I don't know if that is good or bad.
I like having some smaller community races before my A races to stay in tune with racing and to check in on my training progress. However, with a different course and a shorter distance I won't be able to accurately analyze my results like I usually do. Oh well. I will be fine. I am treating this race more like a training run and hope to run long on Sunday. Fingers crossed that dear hubby has the day off so I can hit the roads! Leading up to this race I can't say I tapered or eased up but my last two runs have been shorter. I did do mile repeats on Wednesday and my legs felt and loved the drive. Today my legs feel stiff so I know they want to run. It is the annoying stiffness I get when I have done a string of shorter runs. My body wants more mileage. I want to run. I hope those factors stay in place tomorrow evening at race time and that I do enjoy the new course.
What's on your plate for running this weekend?
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that the Beat the Heat 8K is happening. I would rather race a different and shorter course than not race at all.
Daily Affirmation: My legs are strong and my mind will carry me well.

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