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Be Realistic

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
One thing that many people do when it comes to fat loss or muscle gain, is that they are unrealistic! Some of THE best transformations I have seen have come from Nick Mitchell and his gym UP Fitness, but they are not transformations of a 20 stone overweight individual to low fat and muscle bound in 2 weeks! But some people expect things like that....
Be realistic
One of the most common scenarios that I see online, are people who are going on holiday, and 2-4 weeks before their flight, they go on a 'beach body' workout plan. But these are the same people that like to go out clubbing, drinking, and usually the ones who are going on a clubbing holiday. So, there are two things wrong there - 1) Someone who is like that will never get in 'beach body' shape in 2-4 weeks, or even 2-4 months! 2) they could lose a few pounds, but will most likely gain that back in the first few days of their holiday, making it pointless.
You CAN lose fat and gain a bit of tone in a few weeks leading up to a holiday. BUT you have to be strict with your diet and train dam hard. Most people don't want that, most people just want to eat what they want, drink what they want, but have a 'beach body', well.....that will NEVER happen. Your body is a reflection of how you treat it (obviously that doesn't include people with illness's/diseases etc....)
The same goes for fat loss.
This is more common with women than men, but people still expect way too much. If you want to lose fat, you have to be dedicated, and not just do the bare minimum. I regularly see women posting online about wanting that perfect 'bikini body', but there is no sign of them making the effort to get one. If you go out drinking and partying 2 or 3 times per week, having takeaways and starving yourself during the day, you are not going to get a bikini body. If you do starve yourself, yes you will lose weight, but that word is important - weight. You will be losing a little bit of fat, but mostly fluid and muscle tissue. You want to lose fat and actually increase muscle, this is what will give you the bikini body, and not just 'be a hanger for a bikini', as one trainer I know puts it.
If you are going on holiday and want to get in shape, then start sooner than 2 weeks before your flight. This way, if you aren't the most dedicated, you have longer to get the results, but my advice is to be fully committed. You need to be strict with your nutrition - begin with lowering the carbs (DON'T cut them completely!) and train hard in the gym. Focus on full body workouts, as this burns the most calories. Don't just jog on a treadmill for 20 minutes and go home, that will do nothing except waste your time. Use weights, don't be afraid of them, this will burn more calories as it makes your body work harder and will help to tone up your muscles.
Thanks for reading, and as always, please share my blog if you find my writing helpful/interesting!
Lee Gregory Fitness 

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