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Basic Climbing Knot

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
1. Bowline Knot
Form a loop a short distance from the end - allow for the size of the loop and the knot itself. Pass the end of the rope through the loop as though making a simple knot (a half-hitch). Pull the end through, then round the standing end, and then back through the loop to finish the Bowline.
2, Water Knot
Basic Climbing Knot
Tie an overhand knot in the end of the strap. Lay it neatly but not too tight. Thread the other strap in the reverse direction following the exact path of the first overhand knot. Pull the knot tight.
3. Double Overhand Knot (stopper knot)
Wrap the end of the rope round itself for two complete turns. Then, pass the end back through these turns and pull tight.
4. Figure 8 Knot
In the bitter end, form a loop by twisting a bight of the rope. Then pass the bitter end round the standing end, i.e., take the longest journey not the shortest, and through the loop to make the figure of eight.
5. Figure 8 Double Loop
Basic Climbing Knot
Make a long bight in the rope and form a figure eight knot. Pass a double section of the bight through to complete the figure eight. Then pass the end of the original bight down, round, and over the whole knot. Pull it tight to lock the two loops.
6. Double Fisherman's Knot
Basic Climbing Knot
Overlap the two ends. Wrap one end round both ropes two full turns. Then pass this end back through these turns and pull tight. Next pass the other end two full turns round both ropes. Pass this end back through and pull tight. Pull on both ropes to tighten the two knots against each other.
7. Alphine Butterfly/Lineman's Loop
Basic Climbing Knot
Wrap the rope around your hand. At the end of turn one, position the rope close to your fingertips. Continue round and complete turn two back near your thumb. Pick up the turn near your fingertips. Wrap it round the other two turns. Pull it through and tighten by pulling on the loop and the ends.
8. Prusik Knot
Basic Climbing Knot
Use a piece of cord formed into a loop. Pass the knot round the rope three times inside the loop. Pull the knot tight and make sure the turns lie neatly beside each other.
9. Klemheist Knot
Use a piece of cord formed into a loop. Pass the loop around the main rope. Make three complete turns, laying each turn on neatly. Pass the knot through the loop and pull it back down in the direction of the expected pull.
10. Clove Hitch
Basic Climbing Knot
Form a loop in the rope. Then form a second loop - the "same way up". Both loops should be identical. Then cross the loops one above the other so they form a knot - instead of just two loops stacked on each other. Place the knot over the post.
Credits to this post goes to http://www.animatedknots.com/indexclimbing.php

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