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Back on Track - 70 Days Until Showtime!!

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
Most of this past week was good. 80% of it was good.

20% of it was not.

I made some poor judgment calls when it came to eating on two days. It wasn't because I was craving something. It wasn't because I was hungry, it wasn't because my nutrition plan leaves me wanting more. It's that some part of me wanted to rebel and thumb my nose at my progress. Because I have already noticed enormous changes in my physique in only 8 weeks, I guess I figured I was "comfortable" and "could get away" with poor dietary choices.

I felt like garbage, both physically and mentally.

With a little pep talk from a fellow fitness competitor (hey girl!!!), a great chest/tricep workout, followed by running the 10 flights of stairs for a high-intensity cardio workout, I am back on track.

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