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Baby Whinges

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
Dear Baby G

I can't believe I haven't done FFS Fridays for so long now! I still read the other lovely ladies' whinges though and always have a giggle (is that sadistic?).
My baby girl has a favorite word now and it's "No More". Every morning, she stands in her cot and chants NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE like a parrot. It is her command for food/bottle and if I don't give it to her, she doesn't stop chanting.
Actually, that's a lie because even when I provide her with her food/bottle, she still chants. Only it's MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE.
She has been pulling her pants off still. Last I saw, she was trying to paint the wall with her pants, using both arms. Up, down, up down, up and down.
Last I saw, she had also pulled off her socks and was sucking on them. Luckily (and hopefully), baby feet don't perspire or stink that much.
 Also, she has learned that doing naughty things will make us shake our heads in disapproval. So what she does now is still do naughty things (along the lines of chucking toys, tearing up paper, spitting food etc) but quickly shake her own head with serious expression to express disapproval of the act.
Hence, I am paranoid all the time now when I see her shake her head but can't see anything obvious that she has done.
This morning, she woke up early and I got her out of the cot into bed with me. I was still half asleep. Next thing I know, I opened my eyes and saw all the glory of her beautiful little white bum about to sit on my face. She had stripped off her diaper, chucked it on the floor and for some reason was trying to sit on my head.
To make things worse, Husband was awake and aware of what the baby was doing. He didn't try to save me or take the baby away. I know he just wanted to watch a good show and have a laugh. I see through you, matey!
This week, Husband and I had an appointment with the counselor. On Valentine's Day, no less.
We left early but got stuck behind a big truck traveling at 40km/h almost half the entire journey. Our usual 35 minute drive became a 65minute one.
It was a one lane highway for most of it so we couldn't overtake.
When we finally reached, we were 20 minutes late. The appointment was in a small doctor surgery in a house and there are 2 receptionists out the front. We could hear them all chatting away but they all zipped up right away when we entered. They looked at us awkwardly and no one greeted us or dared to look at us. Major awkwardness! All that meant was that they were bitchin' about how late we were and quickly shut up when we walked in through the door!
How has your week been?

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