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Ayrton Senna

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
This is a slightly different post, but means a lot to me to be writing this. I am a massive, massive formula 1 fan, and even though I cannot really remember it, I watched the race when Ayrton died (even though I was just 4 years old). It's such a shame that I couldn't watch him through his sadly shortened career, but I have been a fan of his since.
Ayrton Senna
I have the Senna dvd, I have watched numerous documentaries on his life, who he was as a person, who he was off the track, on the track, and so on. Was he a real fitness athlete? not compared to today's standards, but he was one of the most talented drivers, one of the most strong minded, passionate, driven, determined individuals to race a formula 1 car. So, why am I writing this? because we could all learn from him. Earlier I posted a tweet saying - "those who fail, are those who never try", and Ayrton was someone that gave his all, all the time. Seeing some of the old 'on board' footage, you see him fighting and wrestling with his car around extremely difficult tracks, where most people would 'back off', slow down, be careful - him? he just went for it. He believed in his ability and he trusted himself. He used to talk about God always looking out for him, and that he will be safe with God behind him. I myself am not religious, but I respect others beliefs.
So many people today, simply do not try hard enough. People quit before even trying. Many people have goals in life, but they don't reach for them because they are afraid of failing. Formula 1 is one of the hardest sports to firstly get into, and secondly to stay in. What if Ayrton just thought 'oh, I'm not going to make it, its too tough', the world would never have seen one of the talented men behind a wheel.
Some people are in the job of their dreams, and they 'leave it there', they stop trying to go further, stop pushing, stop challenging themselves. Ayrton is a 3 time world champion, that means that after he won his first title, he wasn't happy enough, he wanted more, he wanted to go faster, he wanted to prove to people that it wasn't a one off. He used to walk the tracks, seeing where he could gain time, seeing where he could brake later, earlier, turn in sooner or later, carry more speed, how to exit the corners quicker, all because he wanted to go faster and challenge himself. I was not there, obviously, but with all of the footage I have seen of Ayrton, I rarely, if at all, heard him moaning. So many people today just moan way too much, about work, about relationships, about the weather, about their boss, about getting up early. If you have a dream, you should give it your all, because there is a chance that you can make that dream a reality, just like Ayrton did. He knew things weren't perfect, he knew the cars in those days didn't have amazing traction, so he knew he had to fight every single lap, every single race, and he embraced that. I believe that is why he was great in wet conditions - because he believed in himself, his talent, and he trusted his ability.
To be honest, I could talk about Ayrton Senna for days and days, but I'm sure you will soon get fed up! If you haven't already, I advise you to watch the dvd 'Senna', it is extremely inspirational (and emotional), and you will see what 'fighting for your passion' really means.
It has been 20 years to the day since the world lost the one and only Ayrton Senna. Rest in peace, you were the best in my eyes, and as a person......a true legend.

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