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Autism and Wandering-Link Sharing

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Two more tragedies to remind us that we have to keep thinking about Wandering Prevention:

Muhammad Azfar
Adam Benhamama

Many prayers going out to their families, I just cannot imagine the grief. I am so sorry to have to share these links but it’s just the reality of dealing with autism and the symptom of wandering that goes with it.

Here is another story of a 23 year old man with autism who wandered 30 miles from his home! Can you imagine how scared he was and how scared his family must have been? I’m so glad he made it home safely.

I noticed that the Big Red Safety Box had their fund depleted because of the overwhelming response to receive the kits. I haven’t received our kit but I will be sure to share about it when I receive it. I went searching for some autism and wandering tips to share with you so check out these links about autism safety and wandering:

Autism and Wandering Prevention on Facebook

Autism and Elopement: 8 Tips for Parents

Summertime Safety Tips
Alzheimer’s and Autism Wandering Safety Tips

Pathfinders for Autism

As of right now we use Shoe ID Tags for Adrian, we use high locks on the doors, and cheap door alarms. Adrian isn’t incredibly prone to wandering but I don’t trust him not to either. As he gets older I’m sure I will have to implement new safety measures but this is what we do for now.

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