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Autism and a Dental Issue-Not a Good Combo

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

First the shameful part. I haven’t found a new dentist since we moved to our new state. I “meant” to do it all this summer but morning sickness, exhaustion, and crazy schedules overtook and I didn’t get around to it. The plan was to start scheduling appointments now because I’m feeling better.

On Saturday Adrian came up to me and asked me to pull his tooth out. The problem? He was asking me to pull out a permanent tooth. Upon closer examination I spotted another permanent tooth coming in almost directly on top of the other permanent tooth. Sadly both of the teeth are almost completely sideways. His teeth are so crowded and just…well a mess frankly, turned every which way. They’re clean of course and he’s never had a cavity but they’re just extremely crowded and crooked.

So I’m sure this tooth coming in is causing him some discomfort so I had to find a dentist ASAP.

I did a lot of searching on line for dentists trying to figure out who would be special needs friendly. I decided to go with a pediatric dentist and I got them called this morning. I asked her if the dentist is comfortable and/or experienced in working on a child who has autism and she said “Oh yeah, it’ll be fine” So that really put me at ease.

Autism just puts on an extra nice layer of anxiety and worry when you’re trying to find new medical professionals.

So Wednesday it’s off to the dentist to figure out what needs to be done with this teeth situation. Prayers for a smooth appointment and not too much pain for my boy would be greatly appreciated.

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