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Attractions of Wayanad

By Vishnudas
attractions of wayanadWayanad is located towards the north eastern part of the state of Kerala and just like
the lush green, hilly and beautiful region of Northeastern India Wayanad is a hilly, lush green and beautiful place. The Wayanad district of Kerala was formed during the year of 1980 on 1st of November by putting
together areas from the Kozhikhode and Kannur districts. The place is situated on the towering Western Ghats and has an altitude that ranges from 700- 2100 meters. According to the study of words that make up Wayanad the name can be broken down to two and they are “Vayal” meaning paddy fields and “Naad” meaning land thus the word as a whole suggests its meaning to be “Land of paddy fields”.
The scenic beauty that nature flaunts here and the serene cool weather of the place make it hard to believe that the place is located so close to the equator. The mountains, rivers and forests that contribute to the beauty of the place altogether create a charm that beckons you towards it. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Wayanad and most of them are places of scenic beauty. Beauty as exhibited in this hilly region of the state so close to the equator makes it even mare enticing.
Wayanad is made up of three taluks and they are Mananthavady, Sultan Bathery and Vythiri. All the three taluks that make up the district are known to be beautiful and have their own places of interest. Some of the most well known Wayanad tourist attractions would be:-
Chembra peak
if you love the outdoors then this will be the perfect spot to start your trip with. With an elevation of 2100 meters from sea level this is the tallest peak in all of Wayanad. Trekking is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty that envelopes this place. The views that one can get from the zenith of this peak are spectacular and will surely make your jaw drop with awe. One can even go for camping in the Chembra Peak and the necessities required to camp can be gained from the District Tourism Promotion Council. A trek to the top of the peak combined with camping will be an unforgettable experience for you.
Meenmutty Falls
Being the largest falls in the district this waterfall is a must visit. The waterfall cascades over 300 meters in three stages and is a grand sight to see. The best way to reach this falls would be a jungle trek which is taken off the road to Ooty.
Eddakal caves
These great formations of nature are a well frequented tourist spot and is a great place to visit. The caves are located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Sultan Bathery and are at an elevation of 1000 meters. The pictorial drawings and carvings that you can see on the walls of the caves are indications that life existed in these areas since time immemorial. When one visits these caves a sense of what it must have been to live in them seems to run through you and makes you inquisitive. This is a place that you must visit for the ancient aura and charm of the place is a great one to experience.
Wild life Sanctuary
The wild life sanctuary of Wayanad is a rich one and has a wide diversity of fauna that one can see. The flora that grows around these areas too are quite notable things to see. Some of the inhabitants of the sanctuary that you may come across when taking a tour would be deer, panthers, monkeys, wild dogs, peacocks, jungle fowls, woodpeckers, bisons, civet cats etc.
Other than the above mentioned places there are plenty more to see in Wayanad such as the Jain temple, Muniyaras, Kanthapara waterfalls, Manikavu temple etc. This is a place that one should visit when in Kerala.

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