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Are YOU a Bodybuilder?

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Two of the most popular 'hashtags' that I see on Twitter is '#bodybuilding' and '#bodybuilder'. It's usually attached to a photo someone has uploaded, or in reference to their workout sessions. Bodybuilding is usually only associated with one thing - muscle bound gym freaks! Because of that, a lot of people who aren't 'muscle bound gym freaks', are afraid of using the word 'bodybuilding' or 'bodybuilder' in their Twitter bio's or in tweets, as they think people will laugh at them as they're not 'massive'. Do you have to be huge to be a bodybuilder?
Are YOU a bodybuilder?
The answer in my opinion is, NO! To me, everyone who works out, trains hard, eats healthy, is a bodybuilder - you are building your body. It doesn't matter if your goal is to be 150lbs, 200lbs or 250+lbs, you're still building your body and living the 'fit life'.
I can completely understand people being embarrassed or shy about using words associated with bodybuilding if they're not big, but everyone starts from point A, nobody (not even Phil Heath!) starts as a huge guy. That's the great think about fitness - no matter where you come from, anyone can get in shape, because nobody who is born naturally develops into the next Mr Olympia. Yes, it's true that some people find it easier to pack on muscle and some struggle, but everyone still starts in the same place. If you Google Phil Heath, you'll see where he started from. He used to play basketball and he was fit, but wasn't 'big'. Now he is 4x Mr Olympia.
I would call myself a bodybuilder, but my goal is to never become 'huge'. I would be happy with being between 175-190lbs, which isn't overly big, but not small. You want to build your body the way you want it to be, not just to 'fit in' to certain gyms, or to be able to use certain 'hashtags'.
Bodybuilding is a huge industry, so don't just think of it as 'muscle bound gym freaks'.
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