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Are Low-Fat Products Healthier?"

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
You see this everywhere, but are low-fat foods healthier?
Are Low-Fat Products Healthier?
To be bluntly honest? no.
To remove fat from foods such as yogurt an mayonnaise, they have to be highly processed - which is rarely a good thing. Yes, while fat contains a  lot of calories, it does provide flavour, and by removing the fat, you remove the flavor. Will they sell the products like that? no, as they'll be bland, so they end up piling in a ton of sugar and other sweeteners/additives - which is worse than fat.
Most foods out there that are 'fat free' or 'low fat', often have very high levels of sugar, which will simply spike your blood sugar levels, and then they'll crash - giving you that miserable feeling. What will you do next? go and get some more! and the cycle continues. My best advice is to stay away from fatty foods the majority of the time, but you're better off having higher fat foods, than super high levels of sugar.
It's a short post, but it's to the point.
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