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Anyone Can Change!

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Anyone can change!Fitness is a lifestyle, but the great thing about it, anyone can have it! Over the years, i have seen many, many great transformations, but one that has stood out to me, celebrity wise, is Jodie Marsh. I remember seeing her on posters wearing....well....hardly anything! and also remember seeing her in the good old Sugar Hut! She used to pose in skimpy outfits for magazine shoots, and now, she poses for fitness shoots!
The transformation she has made, not only body wise, but lifestyle wise, is probably the best i have seen in the celebrity world. To go from (and no offense Jodie...) a complete party style girl, to a competitive bodybuilder and fitness idol, must have taken so much effort. She has recently recorded a program on bullying, which, unfortunately she was a victim of. She has said that it has changed her life, affected her in so many ways, and maybe that's why she went into the 'page 3 lifestyle'. But not anymore! shes a buff, toned idol that many people now look up too!
That to me, is all the proof that anyone needs that ANYONE can change, ANYONE can get fit and healthy, no matter where your from, who you are, what you do, if you want it bad enough - you CAN do it.

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