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An Art of Self Defense

By Vishnudas

An art of self defenseIn a world of action where everyone looks to defend thyself from someone rather mentally or physically in a sense aggression it becomes very important for us to learn some kind of art which looks to keep us running, healthy and armed not with some explosive or with some heavy things but more immune from within.An accident and encounter are two uncertain things in life that we cannot expect to happen at a time when we actually ready for it so if we cannot stop than at least we could be prepare for it  so I would suggest each to learn a form of art which tends to give you a lesson of defending yourself.
To stay healthy is a routine many youngsters even matured men opt for a gym to maintain their health and to keep them fit in today’s world where fitness is must for everyone but would not you love to add it with another form of art which keeps you fit at the same time focus to give you some lesson to tackle a difficulties. There are many forms of self defense art like Martial art, tae known doe, Karate and various form but a recent form which names itself as Krav Maga an Israeli art form which teaches to defend you and makes you aware of everything its unique techniques and forms of attack does not allow assailant to continue his attack in a days of growing crime it came out as a weapon for a women to defend their self from any un wanted accident.It does not only teach you to attack but also relax your mind and teaches you to explore a tslent inside you.
Capoeira It is another form of self defense inspired by African slavery in Brazil and what is more amazing about this art form it incorporate music and the style temper with a beat which gives this form a approach, movement and insistent.It is believed to be taken out from the complex step of dance and then converting that style into form of an attack  like other martial art it does not speak about violence or does not preach any physical attack it just looks to keep you fit and physically strong .With every beat of music it looks to make a move so that you could prevent an uncertainty and defend yourself from any kind of attack.KalaripayattuThis art form is a combination of healing, defense and fitness designed with swift movements of leg, jump and aggression looks to tame a anger inside and control it whenever it is require.Crafted in a way to provide defense is a century crossed art form that looks to refrain your mind from wrong doing and inspire yourself with a notion of peace though it is considered to be a mother of all martial arts what makes this form more amazing that it was practiced in a soil of south India people comes in number to join it and make them self prepare towards what may come.

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