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An Ab-Defining April

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
An Ab-Defining AprilNow that it is April 4th I might as well get around to discussing a goal of mine - to focus on my abs this month. I mentioned it in my March Review but let's really talk about what I mean.
My goal is to have a stronger core and I won't argue if I end up with better defined abs. This has been an ongoing this for me for about well....6 years. Ironically the age of my daughter. I feel pregnancy, emergency c-section, whatever changed my abs and I have been working on them on and off over the years to get my core muscles stronger and in better shape. This isn't all about appearances though. I truly feel my running is improving as my core strength improves and yes, my running is very important to me.
So what am I doing? Pretty much what I have been but a bit more focused. I am aiming to do things better. This means, continue my clean eating and look for ways to improve it just a tad. The other day during a stress moment at work I walked to the general store with the idea to grab a coconut water and chips. But part of me knew I really didn't want chips. I just wanted crunchy. The first thing I saw when I walked in the store was a Fuji apple. YES! I wanted that apple more than anything. I left with an apple and coconut water. I hope to make more of these better choices throughout April and beyond.
Second, work those abs. Yes, clean eating helps your abs but I am still a firm believer that you need to work them too especially if you are looking to improve core strength; therefore, at least two of my yoga sessions each week will focus more on core strength. My goal is Mondays and Fridays but adding in other days is fine too but let's start with baby steps and I am not ready to give up too much flexibility and balance work since that is helping my pesky hip.
And finally, I was blessed to see a facebook posting by FitFluential on Tuesday announcing #FFAprilAbs. You can read more about it HERE but essentially it is a month long commitment to daily planks and the plank time increases 5 seconds a day. They have a calender to help you along and start with a 30 second plank. I started with a minute - long enough to challenge me but not to fail. And to up the game, I do my plank after my daily run and yoga work so sometimes my core is already "tired" by the time I start and I like it that way! By the way, it isn't too late to join in on #FFAprilAbs with FitFluential and Puma and perhaps win some PUMA Soundchunk speakers.
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