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Am i Dead Or Alive Cotards Syndrome

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
am i dead or alive cotards syndrome
I was sitting idle today with absoulutely no way to kill time so i went to my best friend google and by chance came across this rare disease called cotards syndrome also known as the walking corpse disease.
I got thinking  how would it feel leading my enitire life thinking that i am dead and in rare case immortal,leading a delusional life smelling rotten flesh and being certain that its my own.I shudder at the thought of leading a life like death,and my sympathies with those who are suffering from this syndrome.i had never heard of this disorder my entire life and was shocked to read about it,researched some more from wikepedia and this is the information i got thought of sharing it.
The Cotard delusion or Cotard's syndrome or Walking Corpse Syndrome[1] is a rare neuropsychiatric disorder in which people hold a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. In rare instances, it can include delusions of immortality.[2]


Young and Leafhead describe a modern-day case of Cotard delusion in a patient who suffered brain injury after a motorcycle accident:[6]
[The patient's] symptoms occurred in the context of more general feelings of unreality and being dead. In January 1990, after his discharge from hospital in Edinburgh, his mother took him to South Africa. He was convinced that he had been taken to hell (which was confirmed by the heat), and that he had died of septicaemia (which had been a risk early in his recovery), or perhaps from AIDS (he had read a story in The Scotsman about someone with AIDS who died from septicaemia), or from an overdose of a yellow fever injection. He thought he had "borrowed my mother's spirit to show me round hell", and that she was asleep in Scotland
In certain cases the person suffering this order can smell rotten flesh and sees worms and maggots devouring there body where as none of this is actually happening.
Reading this i felt greatful for all that i have in life less or more but i consider myself blessed,i cant think of a suffering worse than leading your life as dead.
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