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Your Wish Is My Order - African Lion Safari (Waterloo)

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
    African Lion Safari - some amazing shots
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When you begin to feel you are the strongest of all and one fine day have chills run down your spine when you   encounter a  majestic pair of cats glare at you through their piercing eyes.
yourwishismyorder-africanlionsafariwaterloo-alkanarula.jpg  And suddenly you realize your each move is under the surveillance " Your Majesty is watching you but with a bored expression on his face
yourwishismyorder-africanlionsafariwaterloo-alkanarula.jpg                                               And  the other cats you are surrounded by
yourwishismyorder-africanlionsafariwaterloo-alkanarula.jpg    And you begin to wonder what if they were not feeling too lazy and  come around to attack you
yourwishismyorder-africanlionsafariwaterloo-alkanarula.jpg             And you sigh with relief as they turn their face away out of disinterest
yourwishismyorder-africanlionsafariwaterloo-alkanarula.jpg    You thank your stars for the urbanisation and living in a community ,  you slowly murmur to yourself "Had I been exposed to any one of them without the security shield I have around me I would have simply " said " "Your wish is my order "
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