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Adrian’s IEP Meeting

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I had Adrian’s IEP meeting this afternoon and it went really well. They kept a lot of his goals from last year because honestly, he still needs to work on those things. They did add a couple new things that I’m really happy with.

I got to know his teacher a bit better, I’ve met with her a few times but I think IEP meetings really help you figure out what the teacher is all about. I can’t believe it but we have lucked out once again and have another great teacher for Adrian. He’s had so many amazing teachers in his life all these years and it’s just a really special and amazing thing. Praise God for good teachers, nothing beats a great teacher when you have a child who is struggling in so many areas like Adrian.

So the deal is, I was worried because Adrian’s teacher was really having trouble getting him to work and I was worried that she was just letting him kind of do what he wanted (play on the computer and draw) but as it turns out Adrian was really having trouble adjusting to the new environment and teachers and now that he has adjusted he is making more strides with everything.

As always Adrian is a ladies man. He sits with a little girl at lunch everyday and tries to share his lunch with her and apparently he kissed a little girl at lunch today. Adrian has always loved the ladies ever since he was a little tike.

I will share more about his goals in case you need ideas for your IEP goals when I get the completed copy. I have a draft that needs to be edited a bit.

One thing I was surprised about is Adrian is reading at a late 1st grade level. Adrian is only in the 2nd grade. How amazing is that?

His teacher explained that they were really working on their months and days of the week and I had noticed that because Nevaeh asked one night if we could get out the Halloween costumes and play dress up and when Adrian heard this to my surprise he said, “It’s not Halloween! It’s January!” It’s already come in handy because Adrian happens to know that there is a new Spiderman movie and he was asking about it (note misery) and now we can say “Spiderman comes out in July. It’s not July! It’s January!”

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