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A’Pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream & Concealer

By Beautifulbuns

Time after time, I review CC creams and I find that they doesn’t really suit my skin/the weather in Singapore/get sucked into the depths of my pore-filled face. But in life, we must be optimistic (and some might say vaguely deluded). I will mush on in pursuit of the perfect CC cream!

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC CreamA’Pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream – KRW18,000

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (6

My bro helped me to get this when he was in Korea last year, so he chose the NB01 for me based on some random guy fewling.

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream info

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (1)
The flip-open top portion reveals a concealer whilst the main portion is a pump delivery system for the CC cream

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (2)
Shade NB01

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (3)
It’s almost like applying nothing

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (4)

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (5)
Under natural sunlight

Apieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream (6)
Under indoors fluorescent lighting

I say…

  • It comes in a two-tiered bottle – the top portion is removable (click-on) and holds the concealer portion and a mirror.
  • The bottom portion has a pump delivery system similar to that of the ONL Oceaniq 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream – push down the entire top to dispense the CC cream.
  • One pump is more than enough for the entire face, so I usually try to press gently to dispense half a pump.
  • There is a very slight scent to the CC cream.
  • I -think- there are some very miniscule colour-changing granules in the CC cream, but they’re so tiny that I can barely begin to feel them before they dissolve.
  • The CC cream is smooth and easy to apply without tugging on your skin, kinda like a slightly watered-down version of the usual BB cream textures, similar to the Shara Shara Royal Class Choice Color Control CC Cream.
  • It comes out a sweet pink-almost-lilac colour, which then changes into a nude light beige after blending in.
  • It changes colour at an average rate – not super fast nor super slow.
  • It gives a beautiful glowy finish – see pictures for proof. Like most CC creams, it’s not strong in the coverage department though. I’d give it about 6/10 for coverage.
  • It also ups the moisture level of the skin – but when combined with the eventual sebum secretion several hours later, led to my glasses sliding down my nose. Heh. I guess this would be good for those with dry skin.

Overall, I guess it’s an alright CC cream – some coverage, great glow and moisture. Best for those with combination/dry skin, and also for those who have good complexion since this doesn’t hide much.

P.S: I didn’t swatch the concealer portion after testing out the CC cream cos I just had a hunch that I wouldn’t be keeping this for long, and I figured I’d keep it in better condition for the next owner


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