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A Photography Upgrade

Posted on the 19 June 2012 by Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Over the last 3+ years I would like to think my photography skills have greatly improved, it started with buying my Canon T2i and doing all that I could to learn it.


A few of the tools I used to learn photography and all about my camera:

  1. An online e-course through my local community college, it taught me the photography basics and really helped me understand the terms.
  2. Classes at National Camera where I purchased my camera, all about what each button does. So helpful!
  3. Photography sessions at blog conferences. Interactive teaching and the chance to answer questions.
  4. Shooting in raw. It seems scary but it lets you change things and apply those same changes to multiple images.
  5. Purchasing Lightroom. Best purchase ever! It makes editing so much easier. It is more user friendly than Photoshop for basic edits.
  6. Sometimes you need more advanced edits and Photoshop does come in handy for that level of editing.


With a summer full of major life events Scott and I decided to upgrade my camera. With a buyer for old camera secured (My future Sister and Brother-In-Law) and lots of online research completed I headed to buy the Canon EOS 60D.  The first in the semi-professional line.


A Photography Upgrade


It has similar features to the T-series but a top of the camera display that shows you all the pertinent information for each picture. I bought it on Saturday and spent the 1+ drive on the way to a wedding reading my instruction manual. I reviewed all the features that were different and tried to wrap my head around how to operate this much more advanced camera.


Hopefully over the next few weeks I get to take a lot of pictures to test this camera out!

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