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A New Day

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
A New DayCeline girl, you said it right. Today is A New Day. And boy, do I have ideas.
Somewhere around 10 AM this morning, I got my spark back. I was thinking about packing my bags, heading home, and quitting my fitness competition plans, and relegating myself from "competitor" to "wishful thinking competitor eating cookies."
The spark came back, instantaneously, almost as fast as when I decided to do t his whole thing. Back in June, I signed up with my online program, my personal trainer, paid entrance fee, booked hotel, and bought three tickets for friends, all within the matter of 2 hours. There was no turning back. I actually think it also might have been exactly 3 months to today that I decided: June 27th.
Even if this weekend hadn't been sloppy, I never felt like I was going to be legit ready. Passable, yes, but not 110% ready.
I have a new plan. A new day, a new plan.
Two-a-days. This isn't really that novel, but I haven't done it yet. I was told too much cardio far out from a show is bad, by many people. Well, now I'm going to make up my own fitness rules.
I ran out to City Sports to get a backpack. I am now going to work out before work, and after work. Double sessions..... so I need a 2nd bag to carry a whole 2nd complete set of workout gear. Picked out a nice North Face one, lots of room for my food, sweaty gym clothes, and stuff to get ready for work with.
Here's the plan:
Night before:
- Shower and blow-dry hair so I don't have to wash and blow-dry it in the morning at the gym. This is really a tough decision, because my hair really needs to have this done in the morning before work, but rules do not apply anymore. Go to sleep by 10 PM at the very, very latest.
- Prep all food and pack work clothes, brushes, deodorant, makeup, and two complete sets of gym clothes. That's 4 sports bras, up to 4 tanks, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of socks, + work clothing. Or maybe I'll wear the work clothing there. Not sure...
- Head out to bus/T, grab the first bus or T, ideally to my favorite home BSC. Ideally get there around 5:30, no later than 6 AM.
- Do at least cardio, maybe even some abs. I can't get too, too sweaty at this time as I am not going to be washing and drying my hair, as that's just a hassle at the gym, not to mention it's humid and gross in there and drying my hair makes me a sweaty mess.
- Shower, (gotta buy shower cap) and head to work to be there by 7:30, which is when I have to get there.
- Work 7:30-4.
- Hit up the gym, lift, then do the cardio de jour, sometimes it's a class, sometimes it's on my own.
That's the plan stan! I used to do this (yes, just like this) but even earlier, as I used to run on a running team that started a run at 5:30, but this time I have a legit backpack for my work stuff and 2nd workout outfit, so no more reusable ugly Shaw's shopping bag. We're LEGIT NOW! Got the women's version of the Jester so the straps don't interfere with the chestal region!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A New Day

Hi, I'm a backpack and I'm legit.
I'm basically carrying half my house with me.
- 2 pair socks
- 4 sports bras
- 2 pair shorts
- 3 tanks
- Water bottle
- Food for entire day
- Makeup
- Work Clothing
- Deodorant
- Razor
- Shower Cap
- Sunglasses
- Brush
All within 1 large gym bag and 1 large backpack.
I'm going to have so much laundry.

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