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A New Aspergers Diagnosis

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

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Sometimes the mail can make our break your day. Yesterday when I went to get the mail I saw a envelope from the clinic in Iowa City that did Sanura’s evaluation for an autism spectrum disorder way back in February. I had gotten reports from almost everyone who saw her but there was no final conclusion enclosed in the packets. The impression I got when we left that clinic in February was that there would not be a diagnosis for Sanura.

Sanura has always been a quirky sort of kid. She threw some tantrums at school that sounded like a possessed child and they lasted longer into her childhood then is socially acceptable. She’s never really had a best friend and she has had some issues with teasing-among other social/emotional issues.

When I opened the envelope I was surprised by their final report. Sanura was diagnosed with mild Aspergers syndrome. When we went in I was prepared for an Aspergers diagnosis because ever since Adrian was diagnosed and we learned more and more about the various autism spectrum disorders we spotted a lot of the characteristics in Sanura. When we left the clinic with no diagnosis I felt good about it. Now that apparently we do have a diagnosis I surprised myself by my reaction which was pretty much no reaction at all. Sanura is Sanura…she has always been who she is and I just love her. Quirks and all.

When we decided to homeschool our girls we didn’t really talk to anyone about it. It’s kind of a controversial thing to do and I was nervous about my ability to do it successfully. I highly, very very highly, value a great education. It’s extremely important to me that my children live up to their very best potential when it comes to education. As I watched Sanura go grade by grade through elementary school I saw her self doubt increase, her self esteem decrease, and her need to please her peers starting to emerge. Pleasing her peers is not something I wanted Sanura to be concerned with. The best thing we could think of to do was to pull her out, homeschool, and try to build up her self esteem the best we could so she doesn’t start searching for acceptance in the wrong places.

So far it’s been a really good experience and I’m happy with the route we’ve taken.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to think that 50% of my kids have an autism spectrum disorder. Who knows about Lincoln, truthfully his development reminds me a lot of Sanura’s. Either way, one day at a time, we’ll figure it out and just keep lovin’ them.

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